Posted: Mar 30, 2015

Jack Nelson-Palmeyer shares:

In his article "Your Money at War Everywhere" William Hartung notes that "President Obama and Senator John McCain...have clashed on almost every conceivable issue" but they both believe "the Pentagon needs more money." The U.S. military, he writes, has no meaningful strategy linked to U.S. national defense. What it has is a "counterproductive military strategy of 'covering the globe.'" The United States has U.S. special Forces "deployed to 134 nations, or almost 70% of the countries in the world. Additionally, "more than 160 nations, or 82% of all countries, now receive some form of arms and training from the United States."

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Posted: Mar 30, 2015
An article by William Hartung: "Your Money at War Everywhere" ...

Posted: Mar 30, 2015

Jimmy Carter mentions the military budget during a talk at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum sponsored by Augsburg College in Minneapolis, March 6, 2015, saying that the country is preparing, with President Obama's approval, to spend a trillion dollars on defense. And, during the Question and Answer period afterward, he noted that the reason we weren't focusing on solving social problems is we give so much money to the military ...

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