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MN ASAP’s resolution can be used by, adapted and brought to diverse groups throughout the state of Minnesota (elected bodies and civic organizations), including city councils, library and school boards, members of the state House and Senate, the Governor and city mayors, the boards of church and other religious groups, county boards, environmental organizations and many others who are impacted negatively by shrinking budgets and distorted priorities

Minnesota Arms Spending Alternatives Project (MN ASAP) Resolution

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Minnesota Arms Spending Alternatives Project (MNASAP) Resolution

Whereas Minnesotans have spent more than $26 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; and,

Whereas in addition to these costly wars Minnesota tax payers spend nearly $10 billion yearly to fund the base Pentagon budget, a budget that increased from $290.5 billion to $526 billion between 2000 and 2011; and,

Whereas, many small towns, cities and rural communities throughout the state are managing austerity budgets, laying off police, firefighters, and teachers and cutting essential services in response to cuts in state aid and/or federal cuts to community development block grants; and,

Whereas 59 cents of every dollar of federal discretionary spending in 2012 was devoted to military purposes;[1] and,

Whereas the budget for veterans is separate from the military budget we seek to cut, and our nation has a responsibility to provide veterans with quality medical care and other support, including opportunities for meaningful jobs; and,

Whereas military spending impacts the nation's economic recovery and national debt issues; and

Whereas our nation desperately needs to better balance its approach to national security to include the economic, social, and environmental needs of our communities, state, and nation;

Whereas taxpayers in Golden Valley will pay $44.66million for the base Pentagon budget in 2014 alone; and,

Therefore be it resolved that we, *______________________________ call on Minnesota’s Congressional delegation and President Barack Obama to shift federal funding priorities from war and wasteful Pentagon spending to meeting the essential needs of us all.

*Insert name of the endorsing group such as  the Legislature of the State of Minnesota or Duluth City Council or Minneapolis Library Board or Trinity Church, etc…

[1] Statistics in these whereas clauses are from the non-partisan National Priorities Project.


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[1] Statistics in these whereas clauses are from the non-partisan National Priorities Project.

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